Need Good News? We Have Big Dreams.

Hi! We’re MERCY. We are a grassroots CHURCH where people who live on the STREETS and people who live in HOUSES worship and work TOGETHER.

For 15 YEARS, we have shared food and clothing, hospitality and shelter, praised God and worked for Justice.

THEN CAME 2020. We outgrew our cozy rented basement in a partner church. While churches remain closed, we’ve found ample room to care safely for our growing community every single day – A community that has doubled in size during this pandemic.

A Mercy Food Truck

An old wooden table sits at the center of our community. Nowadays, it’s borrowed and plastic, underneath a tent. But a TABLE is the HEART of the GOSPEL: we are called to FEAST TOGETHER. Like the wilderness tabernacle of old, we’re GOING MOBILE with dreams of building community in every neighborhood and serving safely out of doors.

A Home Of  Our Own

No, the church isn’t a building. But when you have no home, a building is nice. Shelter keeps us cool in the heat, warm in the cold, dry in the rain. A building provides restrooms and places for bathing, resting, and sleeping.

Buildings aren’t luxuries or the privilege of some – though we too often act that way. HOUSING IS A RIGHT. We believe now is the time for our community to have a home to call our own.

How Can You Help?

A used food truck: $50,000+

Buying a Building: $950,000+

Tell your friends, family, churches on social media.

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