On Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. is one of the prophets of our community–anytime we study the biblical prophets or discuss what it means to be ‘prophetic’ our community thinks of Dr. King. We made this video two years ago as an opportunity for our community members to share their thoughts and insight, as well as bear witness to the life of someone whose embrace of nonviolence in his public ministry remains an inspiration for our work.

Typically, for Martin Luther King Day our community would spend the day together in worship, work, and study–learning from Dr. King’s and others powerful stories and sharing some of our own. While we won’t be hosting groups or holding a big celebration this year, our community will still spend the day together doing what we do best–creating hospitality for one another (even in this cold!), sharing food, learning and listening, and singing songs of freedom together.

We hope you enjoy our video and the powerful voices of our community!