Thursday, December 5th

By: Ivan Cooley
Isaiah 2:1-5
Reflection—v. 2 ‘the mountain of the Lord’s house will be established’

I was homeless for more years than I care to say. My life was that of addiction, false starts, incompletion, and most of all, an inconsistency that would not allow me to join the mainstream of society. The one event that was consistent in my life was that I would get up and walk to church in the mornings. On that walk, I would think about my life and pray. This, for me, would be a time of meditation. My head and heart would clear. I would observe my surroundings and seek the physical beauty of God’s creation. Yes, it is true that I was simply walking to church, but it could be stated that the streets are my mountains, and the church I attend is established and raised above the hills. When I’m there, I really feel as though I’m in God’s house. At church, we greet each other and have breakfast. This is a time of fellowship where we share food, stories, and a little gossip. Most of all, though, we show each other love. You can tell the love is genuine, if for no other reason than that we are so happy to see each other.

Prayer: God, walk with us on the paths of life and guide us to places of love.

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