Tuesday, December 10th

By: Holly Reimer
Isaiah 11:1-10
Reflection—v. 4 ‘judge the needy with righteousness and decide with equity’

I’ve been witness to a number of conversations where individuals ask if ‘black lives matter’ means that all lives don’t matter, or that by caring for the poor means the rich aren’t beloved by God. What we see here in this text, and what we are saying when we say, ‘care for the poor’ and ‘black lives matter’ is that oppressed and marginalized folks are neglected and it is time to focus on the people that live at the margins, because that is where we find God – we find God with the outcast and the ones who are ignored. In deciding with equity God reminds us that God cares ‘for the least of these’ and so should we. God does not play by the rules of the world, because in the rules of the world we devalue others. This text reminds us to ask ourselves the question, ‘does everyone have what they need?’ This is not about wants, but needs. Does everyone have an opportunity to be warm and dry in winter, not having to worry if they will literally freeze to death? Does everyone have access to health care? This is the equity that God wants. I have often been guilty of the fear that if I give up an inch I will lose a mile. I lose sight of the other person, who they are and what they need. This is the equity God is leading us towards, where we can see the humanity in all.

Prayer: Thank you God for caring for all of us, leading us to a place where all are cared for and have enough.

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