Saturday, December 14th

By: David Swank
Psalm 72:1-19
Reflection—v.12 ‘For he will deliver the needy who cry out’

Hello everyone! I would like to start by considering how sometimes it seems like life as it is on earth is more like ‘Hell on earth’ than as God must have intended it to be. I can personally imagine the grief and frustration, along with the sadness, God must truly feel, because when God created all life on earth God created it good. God’s creation was his main attention–he gave it attention and care and desired a sinless world. However, ever since those first days on earth when Cain murdered his brother Abel, that set the tone for countless future sins such as greed, power, hate, and racism. I believe these are some of the reasons we war–we are prejudice toward one another over race and nationality. These types of wars seem like a never ending thing. People are fighting over the money and power that they want to gain for themselves, spending billions on utter foolishness, when there are thousands of poor and needy people in dire need of important necessities such as food, clothing, and hygiene products. But, I trust that God wants better for us–that God wants us to care for one another, and I truly believe God will prevail.

Prayer: God our good creator, save us from our foolish ways and help us to be good to one another as you so deeply desire.

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