Monday, March 2nd

By: Holly Reimer
Genesis 2:15-17, 3:1-7
Reflection—v. 1 ‘Did God really say…’

All of the passages from this week’s lectionary readings speak highly of God’s great love for us, and the ways that God is in relationship with us. Relationships, whether we like them or not, are a part of our everyday lives—we are in relationship with God, others, and ourselves. When we are in particularly healthy relationships, we are in good communication, actually listening and speaking with one another. Healthy relationships are free from gossip. They are also free from triangulation, where rather than engaging an individual directly, we pull someone else into the conversation. This is the case in the conversation between the serpent and the woman regarding God’s relationship with her. God is absent from the conversation. Yes, they are talking about God, but God is not invited into the conversation. God’s words have been perverted and manipulated in such a way that has excluded God, robbing the serpent and the woman of a potentially rich engagement with God.

Prayer: Help us, O Lord, to communicate well with one another and with you. Make us mindful of the ways that we can be better communicators.

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