Thursday, March 5th

By Holly Reimer
Psalm 32
Reflection—v. 3 ‘While I kept silence, my body wasted away through my groaning all day long.’

Certain kinds of silence can make us unhealthy. Staying silent can keep us so focused on whatever we are trying to hide that we can’t focus on anything or anyone else. We brood. We stew. It leads us to violence and anger and hatred. Self-loathing is far too common for many of us, when we keep silent about transgressions or fears of our own goodness. Self-loathing festers to the point where we become so depressed that we feel paralyzed. I love that the psalms can be a place where the psalmists feel that they can air grievances with God. They don’t have to keep silent, but can speak up in a way that brings freedom, a stronger relationship, and the understanding of trust. Destructive silence not only keeps us in bondage but imprisons those with whom we engage. It severs the potential for healthy relationships and the possibility of respecting both ourselves and the other as beloved and capable of receiving both the good and bad of living in relationship.

Prayer Lord, help us to be better communicators with you and with others.

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