Friday, March 20th

By: Kevin Harris
Psalm 95
Reflection—v. 2 ‘let us come into his presence…’

God shows us how truly great he is. Our father could have been frustrated with all the groaning and distrust from our ancestors, but God said ‘I will keep my generations for they are mine.’ God claims us as his own. God placed a great spirit inside each of us. This spirit helps us to know God, to worship him, and to experience his grace. We don’t have to bargain with God, but can just be like the beloved child who asks our Lord ‘Where do I go? Who do you need me to see? How do I love?’ We are to wait on the Lord, yes, but God also wants us to ask for what we need, and to seek God’s guidance. That’s the worship that God wants from us. God wants us to desire goodness from above, and to live with purpose, but also to know who we belong to. God our Mother and Father who art in heaven hears our praise and guides us back from pain. To the creator, I will just say ‘yes.’

Prayer Heavenly Parent, you know what we need. Guide us through our difficult times so that we may know that we are in your presence. Be attentive to our needs, and help us to always remember that we belong to you and that you love us so deeply.

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