Advent – Friday, December 11

Author: Jerome Johnson

Isaiah 40:1-11

Reflection: v. 11, ‘like a shepherd’

I like this passage, because when I read it I think about God leading me. I think God is leading me because I have changed a lot since I’ve been coming to this church. I’m like one of God’s sheep and he’s my shepherd. I think God is saying that he is going to have mercy on me and that our sin has been forgiven. I am poor and feel like I’m down low in the valley sometimes, but I believe God is going to lift me up. I think God is leading me—he leads me here every day. I like listening to the word of God, and I think God is leading me to do what is right and make myself a better person. I’m working on myself, because I want to be a better person than I am. When I come here, I get strength. When I walk up, everybody gives me strength, and my community helps lead me, too. I’m working on getting me a place—housing. God is leading me there, too. In this passage, it says that people are like grass and the flower of the field, and one day we will die and fade away from this world when the breath of God has gone from us. But that’s not the end, because one day God will lift us up and all people, both rich and poor, shall see the glory of the Lord together. He will lead us like a shepherd and gather us in his arms, and we will forever be with our Lord.

Prayer Lead us O Lord, to places of health and wellness.

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