Thursday, December 31

Author: Herman Harris

Isaiah 61:10-62:3

Reflection: v.11, ‘the Lord God will cause righteousness and praise’

Reading this passage reminds me that I can turn the corner. I used to think that I really didn’t deserve good things, because of all the stuff I’ve done in the past. I beat myself up a lot. And sometimes I will fall short. But I’m grateful today that I can turn the corner. I’ve seen so many of my friends pass away from addiction or other things. When I went to the hospital, it gave me a reality check. When they had me hooked up to all that stuff, it was a reminder that my life is important. My family was calling me, and I had people surrounding me that really cared, even when I hadn’t cared for myself. Sometimes it takes other people around you who value you to make you realize that you have value. Like my community at Mercy. I come here every day to get spiritually fed, and because it is important to have people around you who care about you.

Prayer Lord, help me to remember I am surrounded by your love.

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