Friday, January 1

Author: Herman Harris

Isaiah 61:10-62:3

Reflection: v.10, ‘he has covered me’

I believe that God definitely wants me to be healthy. I talk to God every day. I’m designed to be healthy and clean. I’ll pass by the liquor store, and there were days when I would have just went in there when I had the money, but I choose not to, because that’s where I’m at today. I take it one day at a time. I have to make the same choice tomorrow—I have to choose not to. And I thank God that he helps me to do that. God is the foundation of my trying to get clean. He connects the dots for me. Every day I try to involve myself in the Bible studies we have here at Mercy—they connect to my recovery. Studying the Bible in community helps me build a foundation and gives me a reason to stay clean and stay sober. It also makes me want to live not just for myself, but to help somebody else. It’s not only about me, but the people around me. Other people, if they see you’ve had long-term recovery, they go by what they see.

Prayer Lord, let my actions live out what I’m trying to do and what I believe in.

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