Monday, January 4

Author: Kevin D. Dodson

Ephesians 1:3-14

Reflection: v. 3, ‘who has blessed us in Christ’

As the word of God starts out in Ephesians 1:3-14, it states that God has blessed us. Just as he blessed Jesus for the world, he has also blessed us. As I continued to read, I noticed the reminder that we are redeemed of our sins. For me, I think of the image of being covered in the blood of Jesus. I remember that I am made blameless and even holy. In this covering, the mystery of God’s will for us is unveiled. What that big unveiling shows is that we may have everything in heaven and on earth—it’s for all of us. In Christ, we have earned the inheritance! With purpose, we can live with hope and praise our God in heaven, which in turn strengthens us in faith, love, understanding, belief, trust, and salvation through the Holy Spirit. The word tells me this is our ‘pledge inheritance’—to praise our heavenly Creator in heaven and on earth.

Prayer Thank you God for blessing us—thank you for choosing us!

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