Lenten Devotionals are Coming Soon!

Our community is currently hard at work finishing this year’s Lenten devotionals! Every year, our community works collaboratively–studying scripture, writing, and creating art to guide you through the season of Lent and Holy Week. Our devotionals include daily reflections and prayers as well as original art created by our community members. We think of this beautifully crafted group-project as a gift to our loved ones and supporters. But it is also an important way that we get to share the thoughtful stories and insightful theology coming out of our community as we continue to work, serve, and build community alongside one another every day on the streets of Atlanta.

Don’t Miss Out!

If you would like to join in this year, there are a variety of ways. We’ll be posting each devotional daily on Facebook and our website. We also mail out beautiful printed versions (for free!)–just send your mailing address to cooper@mercyatl.org and we’ll send you one! If you would like to share our devotionals with your church, family, or other group we can order you printed copies in bulk or send you a digital version to share. For more information on these options, please email cooper@mercyatl.org

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