Lent – Friday, March 5

Author Steve Smith

Reflection: v. 33, ‘he rebuked Peter’

In this story, Peter rebukes Jesus, and then Jesus rebukes him for rejecting what he was saying about himself. He wasn’t upset with Peter, because he knew Peter would change his ways sooner or later. But he did want to set him straight about what he was saying.

He goes on to encourage the disciples to renounce and leave their unfaithful ways and join him. That’s like getting on the winning team, if you want to win.

Let’s not worry about death. Though this passage talks about death, it also reminds us of life. When you accept Christ—he rose in three day—we rise immediately at death and ascend to the Father in heaven. That’s it.

Prayer Jesus, lead us to set our minds on divine things, on life with you!

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