Monday, March 15

Digital Version of Devotional

Author Ray ‘Stonewall’ Walker

Psalm 107:1-3, 17-22

Reflection: v. 21, ‘wonderful works to humankind’

I’m not really a Christian-oriented person, but I believe this is a good text for people who are in distress or doubt. I think everybody who sits here or comes to Mercy is not necessarily a Muslim or a Christian or anything of that nature. I myself am an unorthodox individual in my thinking, but I respect the people who are Christians who share the food that they share and the bedding that they share. It’s a calm environment here—these people are God-sent. I come here and I can get shoes or something to eat and get away from the anger and the madness that exists nowadays amongst different kinds of people.

Here, you can find different kinds of people sitting around and fellowshipping. It’s a way of me getting into paradise, coming here. The days that I come—not only can I get a clean pair of pants, but I can fellowship amongst brothers who I’ve been knowing for three decades. A lot of the people here are my friends, and it’s a better environment than over there in that hell-hole across town. I get a breath of fresh air when I sit here and listen to Chad play the guitar, and the other pastors preach. It’s stability and peace of mind. Everybody can be together, regardless of what they’re wrapped in, or what kind of shoes they’ve got on. Everybody is judged here, foremost, by the content of their character, as Dr. King said, and not by the color of their skin—and that’s a good thing. It’s like being in a utopian environment, for me, because I can sit right here in the middle and watch the whole show, eat my bowl of soup with garlic, and it makes my day.

Prayer Gracious God, fill us up with your love like hot, delicious soup!

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