Lent – Wednesday, March 17

Digital Version of Devotional

Author Gregory Brown

John 3:14-21

Reflection: v. 21, ‘for those who do what is true come to the light’

Reading this passage takes me back to a poem I once heard. In verse 20, Jesus speaks about the light and darkness—I was thinking about that as I was looking over this passage. I noticed that today it’s cloudy, hazy, and gloomy outside—there’s no light. It could seem like there’s no beauty.

There’s a poem I know that goes something like this: Love is exactly like the sun, but only on the inside. For without the sun, there is all darkness outside. Without love, there is all darkness inside. Just as without the sun, there’s no light outside, without love there is no light inside. The sun is the center of the outer world, love is the center of the inner world. For love and sun is synonymous. So move more and more into the realm of love and you will be moved into the source of light and life without any effort. Be love—and God is love. There are no arguments, nor any philosophy that could ever help like love, for if love helps, then everything fits together, but if love fails, then everything falls apart.

That caught my eye, once I started reading the 20th verse, where it talks about the children of God being children of light. We are of the light, and we are God’s children. Light is very much a part of love, and love very much a part of life.

Prayer Source of love and light and all that is true, remind us that we are your children.

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