Lent – Thursday, March 25

Author Brittany Fiscus-van Rossum

Psalm 51:1-12

Reflection: v. 8, ‘let me hear joy and gladness’

God, this year has tried and tested me—and I am not sure that I passed.
Though I want to work for justice, when it gets hard, I still put others last.

I have made selfish allowances for myself. Yet, in my secret heart,
I have judged others with a fervor—my oft-practiced dark art.

You see, I blame my fellow siblings for this devastating plague,
And the tender seams it’s ripped in this quilt of life I’d made.

Forgive me for my part in this crafted, practiced hatred,
And help me to be kinder with the world you have created.

God, I need your mercy, fill me up with hope like bread.
Wash me in your waters, clean this ugly self-righteousness from my head.

In this slow and sluggish season, in which we think about what Lent is,
Bend my heart toward love and guide me to repentance,

God of mercy, set me free, from my anger and my sadness,
Mend my broken bones: let me hear joy and gladness.

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