Advent – Sunday, December 5

Author: Holly Reimer

Philippians 1:3-11

Reflection: v.10, ‘decide what really matters’

What really matters is about where we find our footing, what grounds us. Are we grounded in our Creator, the one who speaks of love, justice, and mercy? Or are we going to ground ourselves in the world, where we listen to messages grounded in a need for power and privilege? This is our choice and our responsibility, our decision regarding what really matters. If we are going to ground ourselves in our Creator—the one who created EVERYONE—then we are saying that people, relationships, and love matter. When we decide that people do in fact matter, then we are to live it out in such a way that the people around us feel and know that they matter. We live the kind of love that is enriching and life-giving, one that speaks to creating actual space for our neighbors at the table, creating shelter in an empty church for folks to sleep safely and find warmth. It means that we stop thinking about what someone can do to us or for us, but instead how we can be present with someone. If however, we choose to find our footing in the world and a culture where productivity, power, and privilege matter, then we have forgotten about love. We ignore, ridicule, and abuse one another. We have a choice to make, and it is ours to commit to and invest in. God has already shown us what that way looks like and what is expected of us. It is time for us to say that people matter (which is an act of love), and for us to live it out.

Prayer Lord, we pray that with courage and faithfulness we can live in such a way that speaks to love, justice, and mercy. May our hearts and minds be open to what matters to you. Amen.

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