Advent – Thursday, December 23

Author: Steve Smith

Luke 1:39-45, (46-55)

Reflection: v. 44, ‘the child in my womb leaped for joy!’

An angel appears on earth to Mary and tells her to go and see her cousin (related by blood), Elizabeth. Elizabeth was going to be the mother of John the Baptist, who died first before Christ. Elizabeth’s nephew was Jesus, who took the price of the cross for us all! When Mary visits Elizabeth while she is pregnant, the baby moves–they knew each other! From womb to womb they knew each other, as if the babies were talking!

I was named Steven after a martyr who died for Christ. When I read this passage I remember my own blood kinship to Jesus. We’re all united by Christ–we’re all his family, his children. We’re not perfect, but he doesn’t even care about that! He found for us a word called forgiveness, and its for all of us. Right now I’m wearing the rosary that our friends the Sisters of Charity (who come to pray with our community) gave to me. If I’m playing music I perform with it on. I always say the Lord’s prayer before I play music, too, because Jesus taught us this prayer when his disciples asked him how to pray. I guess God told him what to say. I don’t know, but I agree with it. These are all the ways that I feel and know that I am a part of God’s family.

Prayer God, you claim us as your own. We are your family! Thank you for choosing us, and for choosing to be with us.

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