Advent – Sunday, December 26

Author: Holly Reimer

1 Samuel 2:18-20, 26

Reflection: v. 26, ‘the boy Samuel kept growing up’

Growing up is a verb that is active, and in process. For Samuel, this is true about his physical, spiritual, and emotional development—it is something that is active and continuing to grow and form. I often find myself in physical and mental spaces where I allow myself to believe that if I can just get to a certain level of education, or if I read a certain number of books, I will find the desired level of enlightenment I seek. This verse reminds me that there is no end to my learning and growth. We are all to be lifelong learners, and will always be growing, changing, and adapting. In community and in connections with others, we are nurtured and cared for in ways that allow us to flourish. As we continue to grow in body and spirit, we need to find and create spaces that allow for such growth, recognizing the importance of being a lifelong learner. This also means that we need to continue to show up to do the work. We talk a lot in our community about ‘process,’ but it isn’t just something that we show up for and it happens to us, it is something that we play an active role in our own growth and process.

Prayer Lord, may we never stop learning or growing, and may we always be mindful of the role we play in our own learning and development. Amen.

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