Wednesday, December 29

Author: Holly Reimer

Luke 2:41-52

Reflection: v. 6, ‘sitting among the teachers, listening to them and putting questions to them.’

Every time I read this verse, I think of our bible studies at Mercy—folks spread throughout the lawn of another church’s property, curious about the scripture, sharing words or phrases that stick out from our lectionary passage, waiting to ask a question or share a way that the scripture speaks to them. This is a time where we come together, in a space created for the wisdom we all have to be shared. Some folks sit and listen, while others might doze off, glance off into the distance as their minds wander, still others have their hands up to ask questions or share prophetic stories. It is a space where we learn from each other, because we are all both students and teachers. As a child, Jesus models for us what it looks like to learn in community. Maybe we feel like we are experts in a particular topic or field, and maybe we are, but may we also remember that we are never done learning and others can have something to teach us. Maybe, there are some who believe that they don’t have anything to offer. May God remind us that we have wisdom and insight to share as a part of our belovedness. May this verse remind us to sit amongst one another, eager to share and listen. It is holy and good to ask questions, to listen, and to learn.

Prayer Lord, we thank you for a space created for learning and teaching. May we continue to facilitate this in our own community, and share it with other communities as well. Amen.

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