Lent Devotionals 2022

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Welcome, beloved community, to your 2022 Lenten devotional! This year you’ll find art, daily reflections on scripture, and prayers lovingly crafted by our pastors, staff, and members of our community.

In our Mercy worship services we often employ a form of lectio divina to study scripture together. We read through a passage once listening for words and phrases that stand out to us before we read the scripture a second time. Then we share the microphone to talk together, ask questions, and share insights about what the passage might mean. In our community we could talk about anything from difficult theological questions and historical context to how a particular word or phrase is speaking to our community and context on any given day. Our devotionals reflect this community practice. Each day you’ll notice a word or phrase from the passage to reflect on, a devotion written by someone in the community, and a prayer that you can carry with you throughout the day.

We hope these devotionals deepen your Lenten season and remind you of your connection to our community!

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