Thursday, March 10 – Lent 2022

Psalm 91

Author: Herman Harris

Reflection: v. 2, ‘my God, in whom I trust’

These words of this psalm—the promise of God’s protection that we can trust in—remind me of my own journey with recovery. For a long time, I wanted to give up on the process of recovery. Especially when you’re out there drinking and using like I was, I thought I would never get to where I am at right now. I thought the opportunity was never going to come my way—that one of those doors was never going to be open to me. It was my faith that kept me steadfast. I believed that the process could work because I had witnessed it work for others before me. I knew that if you stick with it, results will come to pass. Many times, I wrote down prayers for things that I needed. I wrote them on a board, and sometimes they would come to pass, and that would give me encouragement to stick with the process. I have seen the recovery process change a lot of people’s lives. There are some people I have known who have been in recovery for eight or nine years. Pastor Lattimore is an example. I have known him a long time, since he was at Peachtree and Pine, and he has a long history of clean time now. You need that kind of vision, to see someone move forward, to help keep you moving forward, too. That’s part of why I come to Mercy every day. I’m hoping to help someone who wants help through their own process of recovery. I want to be there for others the way people have been there for me. It doesn’t matter where you’re at, so long as you start somewhere. For me, I had to start somewhere. Now, I’m just more grateful than anything. At this point I’ve come too far, and I just have to keep moving forward and trusting that God is with me.

Prayer Help us to remember, O Lord, that sometimes we just have to trust in the process and trust in you.

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