Sunday, March 20 – Lent 2022

Isaiah 55:1-9

Author: Holly Reimer

Reflection: v.1, ‘Whoever has no money, come’

This is a wildly counter-cultural statement for us to receive. We exist in a world that lives an opposite truth: that money buys entrance and gives value. Here we are, with a God who continues to defy the lies that we’ve been perpetuating, that what we have is more valuable than people and relationships. God has set a table that is big enough for everyone. God creates space for all of us. But it’s not just a space to sit and be, it’s also a space that we are to create for one another. Now, this all sounds fine and good until it requires something of us, which it does. It means that we do, in fact, live in a world where there is enough for everyone to have what we need. It means that no one should have to sleep outside in the cold. No one’s feet should be so badly bruised and blistered from inadequate shoes and wet socks that they can barely walk. It means that those who are struggling with mental health should not be treated as dangerous and violent. It means that people of different races or ethnicities should not be scapegoated for violence. It means that corporate executives should not make billions of dollars while hourly employees work multiple jobs struggling to care for their families. So as we come to the table that God has set before us, let’s dismantle our fences so we too can create space where there is ‘enough’ peace, justice, and resources for everyone.

Prayer Lord, may we be challenged to create space for everyone. Amen.

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