Saturday, March 26 – Lent 2022

Isaiah 55:1-9

Author: Caroline Hurst

Reflection: v. 1, ‘Come, buy and eat’

In this passage from Isaiah, God is speaking to a group of discouraged, hungry people. God is not giving up on them and is calling them towards him instead. These people have been struggling with hunger and thirst, just like many people still struggle with, but God’s love does not give up on them. I often have trouble reading and understanding scripture. This is a passage I read quite a few times to understand and really get the message. In this passage, it is clear that God wants us, as God calls out to everyone and says, ‘Come to the waters…come, buy and eat…come, buy wine and milk…seek the Lord.’ God is calling us to both physical and spiritual blessings. God desires us, no matter who we are, where we sleep at night, or what we do during the day. God desires good things for all people and God desires us to seek him. Despite everything going on in this world, this message gives me hope and reassurance because of how clear it is that God didn’t give up on his people then and he’s not going to give up on his people now. No matter what we do or who we are, God loves and desires us. It is also our job to seek God out. And the amazing thing is that we can seek God out just as we are. We don’t have to change who we are or put on a show or face, because God desires us just as we are.

Prayer God, thank you for loving us just as we are and for calling us to good things.

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