Monday, December 23rd

By: Trey Colson
Psalm 80:1-7, 17-19
Reflection—v.7 ‘restore us, O God’

In the words of Psalm 80 I hear the people crying out to God for restoration and mercy. I hear them calling upon God to restore them to their former glory. I hear people standing before God knowing that they’ve made a mistake. When you’re in a situation where you were up in a big old castle, but now you’re in a shack, and somebody else is in the castle now and you’re working for them–you pretty much feel like you’re the scorn of the earth. You feel like you’re beneath. When you used to be the big guy on campus, the big guy on the playground, and then all the sudden you’re not just the little guy, but the little guy is even knocking you around–you feel scorned and laughed at. I’m pretty sure that’s the position God’s people were in. Its a two way street. Not only do you not like your new situation, but you have to learn to deal with it. But then maybe next time you get in a big-boy position, you’ll understand–play fair. Let everybody get something. Don’t use people or laugh at them because they have nothing and you have everything–help them, and we can help each other to all have something. Maybe that was the lesson that God wants the people to see. God says, ‘you are the apple of my eye, but you’re not the only apple of my eye.’ Look out for your neighbors. Take care of your people. Love your community.

Prayer: Forgiving God, restore us that all your people may have what they need.

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