Tuesday, Christmas Eve

By: Brittany Fiscus-van Rossum
Luke 2:1-20
Reflection—v.6 ‘the time came for her to deliver her child’

It was 4am when my daughter Emi was born. When we arrived at Emory hospital it was in the late hours of a Sunday evening. The end of labor was quick, so by the time Emi made her grand appearance, it was a skeleton crew that welcomed her: one nurse practitioner doing all the work, my frazzled husband holding up one of my tired heavy legs, and a doctor right at the end to catch her and some of the credit. Giving birth is weary work. And as soon as it is over your new life begins. There is little time to rest because everything is different now, and in such a way that no one could have prepared you for no matter how many tried. It is almost earth-shattering–this apocalyptic-like turning of one’s life (through new life). The revelation of your relationship to this new little life and the drain and the pain and the space they inhabit in your once neat and tidy existence—everything is different now. And not just for you, but for everyone they’ll grow to know and love, the community they’ll forge. It can change everything, yet it isn’t so unique. People are born all the time (all of us were at some point or another). And that’s how God comes to be with us–delivered by a poor weary woman. It happens all the time. Yet it reveals the depth of God’s love for human beings, that relational, earth-shattering, paradigm-shifting, messy, every-day love, and that, changes everything.

Prayer: Jesus, break into our lives, revealing God’s deep love for us!

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