Friday, December 27th

By: Maggie Leonard
Luke 2:1-20
Reflection—v.11 ‘Your savior is born today’

Okay, so I know that it’s Christmas and we’re supposed to be really excited and happy, glorifying and praising God and everything…. But do you know what seems like it would be a real test of patience for me? To know that the SAVIOR IS BORN! …and we to have to wait for her to grow up so that we can be saved. It’s like that psych experiment where a kid is given a marshmallow and asked to wait 10 minutes to eat it, but a million times worse. I mean, I suppose it could be comforting to know that salvation will occur in my lifetime, but continuing to watch things unravel for years to come before salvation day would drive me bonkers. Kudos to the shepherds who were able to be excited right away! But maybe that’s why we celebrate Christmas every year instead of every 33 years. It’s not just about the end. It’s about the beginning. It’s about what’s possible. Each year is a reminder and encouragement to celebrate the gift of life, given to us by God. We can’t change the past, and I daresay we should not merely wait on the future. The calling is to join in Christ’s life now. As we join with God-with-us to make sure each person feels worthy of giving and receiving love, together we will change the end.

Prayer: O blessed Savior, come down to be with us that we may walk with you.

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