Lent – Monday, March 1

Author: Maurice Lattimore

Psalm 22:22-31

Reflection: v. 24, ‘he did not hide his face from me’

In this psalm, I believe King David is asking the people, all those who fear God, all the descendants of Israel who revere him, to praise the Lord. In relation to this in my own life, throughout the times of my unrighteous ways of living—the controlling, the manipulation, even when I was still stealing and using drugs, lying and hurting people—even with all this madness going on in my life, God never gave up on me. God heard the cries of my inner spirit and soul. There were still consequences behind this way of life, but God never left nor forsake me. Amen!

At this point in my life, I’ve decided that all vows I make to God I will keep, because God has forgiven me and allowed me to be a part of the family of faith. Amen! If you haven’t yet done so, give your life to God, and God will make your path straight. Amen and Amen!!

Prayer Peace and love always. To God be the glory! Hallelujah!!

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