Lent – Monday, March 8

Author Holly Reimer

Psalm 19

Reflection: v. 9, ‘The Lord’s judgments are true’

We live in a world that pushes back against words like ‘commandments’ and ‘rules,’ believing that it is through these things that we lose freedom. For some, this has been true. I do not believe that God desires for us to obey the rules merely to show God’s power over us, but because of what God wants for us. In light of recent events following the Senate election in Georgia, and the ways that freedom is represented differently for some, I think about these verses as instruction for humanity. How we treat one another matters. How we act is important for everyone and has a lasting impact. So, while God is not imploring us to follow rules for the sake of following rules, God is doing so because we are doing a terrible job of caring for one another on our own.

God’s instructions are perfect, God’s laws are faithful, God’s regulations are right, and God’s commands are pure. These things are true because they seek life for everyone in such a way that speaks of righteousness—as opposed to the oppression of one group of folks over another. God came to show us a better way. We like to think that we know better and that our struggles are new, but God has seen violence, chaos, destruction, and hatred before. This is not what we have been created for, and God sent Christ to show us a way that sets us free from these things. As the psalm says, ‘Honoring the Lord is correct, lasting forever.’ Remember, the Law isn’t correct because God seeks to be proven right, but because God seeks to give life, and life most abundantly for all. If what we are doing only brings life to some, then we are misled.

Prayer Lord, may we seek truth in the ways we treat one another as valuable human beings—doing so, not because we have been commanded to do so, but because our hearts and minds are open to the possibility of justice for everyone. Amen.

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