Lent – Tuesday, March 9

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Author Holly Reimer

Psalm 19

Reflection: v. 10, ‘More desirable than gold’

God’s commandments are more desirable than gold. In our current economic time, this can be hard to believe. Yet if we think about God’s commandments as a part of instruction for all humanity that brings life to all humanity, then that is something very rare, more desirable than gold. It is rare indeed for us to care for our neighbors —I’m not talking about the radius surrounding our houses, but our other neighbors, too. We pursue wealth at the expense of people. Employers and corporations enforce ‘bottom lines’ that put employees and their families at grave risks. Our country was built on the backbone of oppression—making money and enslaving humans. What would it look like if we desired God’s things like we desire gold and money? What would it look like if we worked for justice—for love and well-being—for everyone with the same zeal that we attack the ‘Almighty Dollar?’ We wouldn’t have children beaten and bruised, black men and women shot or imprisoned for the color of their skin, folks rejected and abused for sexual orientation, and brothers and sisters without adequate healthcare and housing this winter in the midst of a global health crisis.

Prayer God, may we desire people more than we desire money. May we care for our neighbors in ways that speak to a community of compassion, hospitality, and grace. Make us passionate about loving your children.

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