Advent – Tuesday, December 7

Author: Holly Reimer

Luke 1:68-79

Reflection: v. 78, ‘because of our God’s deep compassion’

Earlier in this passage, we hear blessings to the Lord for all the Lord has done. We are reminded of the Exodus, the time in the wilderness, and eventually the time in the promised land, too. In each of these times the Lord is with God’s people. In the midst of suffering and injustice, time in the wilderness, times of famine, uncertainty, and despair, and eventually in a season of abundance and new life—God is in it all. God journeyed with the Israelites, and journeys with us in each of our own seasons of exodus, wilderness, and the promised land. This, I believe, is another expression of God’s compassion for us. In spite of our times of trial and suffering, God wants us to ultimately experience the promised land—to have life and to have it abundantly. God’s compassion for us speaks to God’s connection to us. God is connected to our peace, joy, anger, sadness, and fear. We don’t only experience these things in nice, peaceful, controlled environments, but in our daily lives. God is with us for it all, just like God was with the Israelites through it all.

Prayer Lord, thank you for your deep compassion for us. Thank you for showing up alongside us in the good, the bad, and everything in between. Amen.

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