Tuesday, March 22 – Lent 2022

Luke 13:1-9

Author: Holly Reimer

Reflection: v.5, ‘Unless you change your hearts and lives’

We read books, listen to podcasts, watch shows and movies. We sit in the crowd of protests and marches, and wonder why nothing changes. We get frustrated by the ways of the world, but nothing is transformed. Insanity has often been called ‘doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.’ Well, the crowds in this story don’t seem to understand what Jesus is offering—this same truth—that our mere presence in the crowd, simply listening to Jesus is not enough. Lives must change, action must take place. The same is true for the land owner who is appalled by the fig tree that has borne no fruit. How dare this tree be barren! Yet what has he done to till the land or prune the branches? What action has he taken to change the result? We may find ourselves frustrated by injustices, but it is no longer enough to read books, listen to podcasts, and watch movies that depict real-life strife. It cannot end there, we have been called to change. If I want something to change in the world, something has to change in my life. If I want something to change in my life, then I have to change something in my behavior. If I want to be closer to Christ, then I need to draw closer to those Christ drew closer to.

Prayer God, may we no longer talk about change, but be changed. Amen.

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