Wednesday, March 23 – Lent 2022

Isaiah 55: 1-9, 1 Corinthians 10:1-13

Author: Ruth Ann North

Reflection: v. 2, ‘that which does not satisfy’

Why is the allure so strong to try and satisfy ourselves with cheap alternatives when God is offering us the best?

I think it’s similar to why we often give in to cheap, fast, physical food. It’s easier. It is often more convenient to show off in neat little packages. It immediately but briefly satisfies a craving, while at the same time makes us crave it more and more.

Somehow in God’s story we can come, buy, and eat the best food, even if we don’t have any money! How is that possible?

I think what Isaiah is trying to tell us is that it’s possible because God is the source. God doesn’t need anything in return. God also provides what we need to endure any temptation to settle for less! God will send a cloud, part the sea, whatever it takes to help us not turn back to the cheap substitutes.

When I come to the table with my brothers and sisters at Mercy, I see a picture of this kind of radical welcome, nourishment, and abundance. There is life for our souls here. God’s love is steadfast and sure.

When we come together for communion, we reflect this truth to one another: all it takes is to come and receive it. It’s not about what we have to offer but what is already there for us to receive and share.

We practice it on Sunday so we can do it in each moment of our journey.

Prayer God of abundance, help us to practice radical hospitality every day.

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