Thursday, March 24 – Lent 2022

Isaiah 55:1-9

Author: Jerome Johnson

Reflection v. 3, ‘I will make with you an everlasting covenant’

When it says that God is going to make an everlasting covenant with me that means God is going to forever help take care of me. That makes me feel good knowing that I can eat at God’s table—that I’m always welcome there. That’s kind of like Mercy’s table here, too. Everyone is welcome. This scripture says, ‘You who have no money, come and eat.’ That makes me think of coming here to Mercy’s table at times when I have had no money and yet there is plenty to eat and drink. We give away free food—we don’t charge anybody for it. It’s like the Lord’s table, and you don’t have to spend any money for it. This is the only church I know of that doesn’t even take up an offering in service—I’ve never been to a church that doesn’t take up an offering. Even the big churches around town do, but we don’t do that here. Reading this scripture reminds me of our days at Mercy. It reminds me of this place here because you don’t need anything to be welcome. God’s covenant with us is like that too—God welcomes us to a big table. It’s free and there’s more than enough to share.

Prayer Thanks for making a promise to us, God. Thanks for inviting us to your big table.

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