Saturday, April 2 – Lent 2022

Psalm 32

Author: Stephen Smith

Reflection: v. 2, ‘happy are those to whom the Lord imputes no iniquity’

The writer of this psalm is happy because his sins and iniquities have been forgiven—which has probably been a waste of his life. Feeling guilty is a heavy burden one must carry on one’s back. God doesn’t want us to feel bad all the time. We’re God’s children. It’s who we are. We’re God’s creation first, and God’s children second. Jesus came and paid the total price of all our iniquities on the cross—which is a heck of a way to die. But it saved us all. To live as a Christian in community sometimes means understanding that those who are at fault aren’t at fault totally—every once in a while we just have a bad day. All of us have had a bad day at some point. But God does not hold that against us. When asked, God does not deny you forgiveness.

Prayer Thank you, God, for never denying us forgiveness.

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