Monday, April 4 – Lent 2022

Philippians 3:4b-14

Author: Holly Reimer

Reflection: v. 12, ‘but I pursue it’

Paul is in pursuit of something greater, something everlasting that gives life. But it’s not just life in the moment, it is life everlasting. Something that will not fade away. It is so easy to engage in things that will bring us a temporary reprieve from the things that weigh us down. And it usually isn’t until we get stuck with the empty bottle, the hefty credit card bill, or wake up exhausted because we have numbed our minds binging TV that we realize that relief isn’t permanent. The everlasting life is something that allows us to feel healthy and happy for the long-term, to find new practices and ways of engaging that bring fulfillment, rather than emptiness. Paul tells his readers about all he has given up (good things, too) in pursuit of this gain. He realizes that although he was doing nothing wrong by the measure of the law, he was not truly living as one living in Christ. Paul is losing old ways and habits, and this is a message we should also take to heart. Our world is broken, as are the ways we engage one another. It is time to lose old ways in an effort to find something better, and not just better for me, but for everyone! Pursuit requires persistence and energy. There are even times when pursuing something new and different can feel isolating. It requires that we alter our thinking, become more mindful about our relationships, and create new patterns.

Prayer God, give us the the strength and endurance to pursue the kind of faithfulness that can only be found in you. Amen.

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